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Our program

    In cooperation with China Export and Credit Insurance Corporation (Sinosure), EasyTrade ensures you the safety of account receivables in a more convenient, efficient and favorable way.

    Prior risk evaluation:

    Credit specialist will evaluate the credit standing of the buyers in terms of registration information, business operation, management layer, payment records, litigation history, bank information, mortgage and guarantee records, financial conditions and etc. Then they will provide risk-based recommendations concerning the short-term debt-paying abilities and payment willingness of the buyers.

    Posterior risk guarantee:
    Credit guarantee reduces risks arising from commercial and political risks. The highest compensation ratio of the short-term/mid-and -long term credit insurance is as high as 80% which greatly mitigates the risks arising from credit sale in foreign trade.

    Credit insurance + bank financing:

    Covering export credit insurance and transferring the rights to collet reparations to banks can help an enterprise acquire updated credit rating as a result of which loans from banks are much available because risks is assessed as controllable. At the same time, when loss occurred within the scope of cover, China Export and Credit Insurance Corporation will pay the compensation in full to the financing bank on the contract terms.
    Furthermore, our credit insurance program can help you with fund raising which can activate your tied-up capital and accelerate the speed of fund turnover.

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